Our History


The Founding of Methodism

The Methodist (Wesleyan) tradition arose out of Reformation times in 18th century Great Britain. John Wesley (1703-1791) and Charles Wesley (1707-1788) found the Anglican tradition to limit their call to ministry. Transforming personal religious experiences led them to the poor and dominated people who desired religious consolation and teaching. Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason are accepted as the basis for spiritual belief and daily living. Vital piety and social action are to be joined in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.  Wesleyan tradition churches are now present in most countries of the world. 


First United Methodist Church Mount Holly, North Carolina

Our church was founded and organized in 1833 by Reverend S. J. McLeod with forty members. Throughout the years, our congregation has enjoyed worshiping in four different structures. The first church was completed in 1890. On August 14, 1896 it was destroyed by a cyclone that arose during the eleven o’clock worship service. Another white frame similar to the original church was built. It served the congregation till March of 1912, when a high wind during an eleven o'clock service moved the church off its foundation. A brick church was built the summer of 1912. The church moved to our present site in 1961. We moved into the new sanctuary on Sunday, December 14 1975.

Important Dates to Remember

  • 1883 - Church organized by Rev. S. J. McLeod with forty members
  • 1890 - White frame church built, corner South Main Street and East Catawba Avenue
  • 1896 - Building destroyed by storm during eleven o'clock service
  • 1899 - Second church dedicated
  • 1912 - High wind moved church off foundation during eleven services
  • 1912 - New brick church built
  • 1918 - Education wing was added on north side.
  • 1926 - Ground breaking on Sunday, June 26, 1960 for Educational Building and Chapel at our present site
  • 1961 - First service on Sunday, September 10, 1961. Opening of church parlor
  • on Sunday, October 8, 1961
  • 1974 - Ground breaking on Sunday, November 1974 for a new sanctuary
  • 1975 - First service in new Sanctuary on Sunday, December 14. 1975.
  • 2018 - Home Comming Service - Celebrating 135 Years